D. J. Ram, born Randall Jones, is a pioneer in the music industry.   Native of New Orleans, he has been on the music scene for over 15 years.  Ram’s eclectic style keeps the crowd ‘HYPE’ for hours.  His ability to feel out the environment, coupled with his burning desire to keep the crowd going throughout the event, motivates him to give his all as if it’s his last time spinning.  

D. J. Ram started out spinning at his crib for friends and family gathers.  By the age of 17, he decided to pursue his career on a professional level.  Self taught, he began to develop his emcee abilities, becoming a one man show on the wheels of steel.  He expand his music collection to include digital downloads and wax.

In the wake of Hurricane’s Katrina and Rita suffer the lost of most of his equipment.  Determine to meet the needs of the people; he began replacing what was lost with state of the art equipment.  To date he has yet to restore his original music collection.

Today Ram has been traveling throughout the Southeast and Florida pan-handle to bring soul, funk, techno, house, pop, rock, R & B, Hip Hop, Top 40 and even New Orleans Brass music.  Here are a few of his past clients: Superbowl NFL Experience, New Orleans Pre-Essence Mayor’s Party, New Orleans Jazz Fest, Voo Doo Music Experience Party, Louisiana Children’s Museum Party/Events, College Sporting Events, High School Dances & Prep Rallies, New Orleans Mardi Gras Parades and several weddings, birthday parties & occasional events.  If you’re looking for a D.J. to make your exclusive event a premier experience, D.J. Ram is YOUR D.J.!


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